6-rack-slottsExclusive, convenient,
hygienic, economical,…

Manna proposes a unique and exclusive range of sauces in the so-called slotts.
Slotts are a patented system, developed for a convenient and economical way of dosing.

Each slott contains 2,5 litres of sauce. An easy pump system (“banana” as we call it) has to be fixed to the slott. The slott hangs on a light and small carousel holding 2 to 6 slotts.

The pump is made of soft rubber. Inside of it, a floating system guarantees no leakage. The simple usage of the pump allows the owner to use the desired quantity of sauce. The unique system is hygienic, easy to install and much more compact than other sauce systems. Discover more about this elegant and convenient solution: download our brochure.

Discover the brand new Slotts SPP pump here